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Enercom AG

Join the energy revolution

Clean Technology



200.00 new shares

EUR 20.000.000

Total raise

Lead Deadline Syndicate Planned subscription Status  
Syndicate XYZ 17th Oct, 19
  • +6
CHF 251,671 In Process (33%) Visit Website
Investor Name 10th Oct, 19
CHF 300,740 Assestment Visit Website
Asset manager 1st August, 19
CHF 872,000 Complete Visit Website
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Maji Holding AG

Creating a virtuous cycle of sustainable health, environmental & social benefits across Africa, and beyond.

Clean Technology


Fixed interest

5% (10 years)

CHF 10.000.000

Total raise

Lead Deadline Syndicate Planned subscription Status  
Syndicate XYZ 17th Oct, 19
  • +6
CHF 251,671 In Process (33%) Visit Website
Syndicate XYZ 17th Oct, 19
AHF 251,672 Assestment Visit Website
Syndicate XYZ 17th Oct, 19
CHF 251,673 Complete Visit Website
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Our mission is to make blockchain investments accessible to everyone. While whitelisting for a certain investment can be very time consuming depending on the ticket size (amount of investment) you want to invest. But with our whitelist function you will be able to invest into other projects who are using our software. We share the data only once you gave your consensus in a secure and encrypted way. You can always revoke it or delete your profile.

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In case there will be ever a project with a higher ticket size for minimum investment, you will be able to form investment syndicates together with your partners, friends or family.

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You dont want to take over about your private keys yourself? We are planning a trustee and custodian function with leading companies in Liechtenstein. If this will be interesting for your, get in touch with us and start your onboarding form already.

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ethereum smart contracts who should own them

Who should own the smart contract?

If we look back to 2016, 2017, 2018 and now also 2019 we have seen that a funded ICO smart contract is usually in control of a few people within the management that could be on a Ledger Nano.
Power Ledger Legal opinion POWR token

Enercom AG prospectus approved

Blockchain | Security Token Offering (STO): Prospectus for the tokenized share issuance approved by the FMA Liechtenstein As an innovative Liechtenstein company, ENERCOM AG uses the novelty of blockchain technology and carries out a share issue in the form of a STO (Security Token Offering) in the Liechtenstein financial center.


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