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How will Equanimity AG position itself in the year of 2020

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dateline, somewhere above the clouds between Singapore and Bali KLM flight KL 0836.

Since the latest news that the principality of Liechtenstein will embrace blockchain to the fullest meaning giving legal certainty for the token economy as one of the first states in the world means a lot to us. We had our roots in Liechtenstein starting as early as 2011 and we decided to explore the Asian market in 2015 this is where I write about it on my personal medium blog.

Equanimity AG recently filled out the form provided by the FMA to submit the interest to be acting as a certain Role in the TVTG aka. blockchain law/act – we decided that the appropriate role for us would be to get acknowledged as a Token Generator as this fits the role of our team members and our developers in our network as close as possible.

roles in TVTG blockchain act liechtenstein

We honestly believed that Singapore would make the race regarding blockchain adoption beside Switzerland or Liechtenstein – but we are very glad that our roots help us now to establish a great gateway through our Singaporean partners to establish a great hub through Asia, so that potential offerings which we run through Liechtenstein could also obtain investors from Singapore and other parts of Asia through Singapore. The same could work for projects established in Singapore that could benefit from investors from the European Union.

We are launching soon our KYC SaaS which enables entrepreneurs to run a fully compliant offering including investor onboarding through BDO Liechtenstein with an easy to use web application ready to use within 15 minutes, that was our big promise.

You pay as you go for the onboarded Investors along with a small monthly fee, not as compared to other solutions where you have to sign up for a minimum subscription which could result in a prepayment of up to 30.000 CHF. So save yourself the budget and try it out as early as its available you can send us an email to [email protected] to register your interest.

In our publication which we are currently drafting together with Mag. Dr. Florian Scheiber you will also see why Liechtenstein could be a very attractive location for you and your blockchain startup. Here is a quick overview how powerful the connection of EU passporting and the network of BDO Liechtenstein and Mag. Dr. Florian Scheiber will be for your execution time.

Fundraising overview

or alternative scenarios..

alternative fundraising scenarios

Smart Contracts
Please get in touch in case you need the contracts for an equity raise or a bond offering.

In case you are planning to onboard with the leading blockchain bank in Liechtenstein feel free to reach out to us if you need any help with the onboarding form.

Our ultimate goal with Equanimity is to make Liechtenstein as blockchain hub as accessible for entrepreneurs as possible. If you have any feedback for us regarding the SaaS KYC software, feel free to reach out to us via [email protected]. Or you can try it out here kyc.equanimity.li or refer to our youtube channel to see how the backend works.

So expect that Equanimity AG should qualify as token creator and along with BDO Liechtenstein establish the roles as Protectors, Validators and Depositary and with Mag. Dr. Florian Scheiber we have established a top-performing team to execute tokenized financial instruments like equity, bond, a convertible bond or other financial instruments.


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