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We all know that blockchain is going to be a big part of our future, in addition to artificial intelligence and robots. Our whole network dedicates their time and sweat to those topics to make sure we will create a large impact for our children and grandchildren.


Identify promising companies before everyone else

Equanimity helps professional investors, corporates and local governments to discover & track innovative blockchain companies or other alternative tokenized investments.


Access the evolution
of finance

World-class tools for blockchain developers, financial services and protocols. Deployed in 5 minutes. Thats our promise.

Equanimity® Insights is where we evaluate each of our investments
allecerating blockchain since 2016

We love to design and execute blockchain startups with hungry entrepreneurs.

We are practitioners we work by the 1000 hours rule. We have executed several tasks 100 times over during the last few years.

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We accelerate blockchain entrepreneurs

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