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What binds us is our passion to create things that not only look impressive but also feel good.

A list of our Projects if you want to know more about each individual just meet us over zoom or coffee.

What we achieved over the last decade?

Capital Allocated


We’re were either directly or indirectly involved in allocating capital to entrepreneurs over the last decade.

Solving Painpoints for Entrepreneurs

4 Years

Since 4 Years we dedicate our resources towards a project called Investhub.io as part of the contributors we established the Legal Framework for Liechtenstein for Tokenized Assets.



We established over 4 prospectus for tokenized assets. And we serve 10 Blockchain Projects per 2022.

Blockchain Ecosystem

303% YoY

Our Protocol and partners grow with steady peace, we want to make compliance and tokenization of assets as seamless as possible.

Other Projects we drove value.
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